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Do you allow MP3 Players and music devices?

The number one question! Look you and I both know there is no way we stop anyone from using their music devices while running a distance event. We do not have a closed course so there will be times when you will be sharing a Dallas city street with cars. We ask you to be alert and be aware of your surroundings. But yes, you can use your MP3 player.

Is there a cap on entries for the Big D Texas marathon?

We hope that we will not have to cap our event. Historically in the first 8 years we never exceeded 3500 in the marathon and half combined. However, starting in 2013 we will probably close registration once we reach 5000 total for the half and marathon. This is the maximum our course can handle and we do want to become an event that has to "corral" you at the start. if you like the "big" mega events and all that goes with that then we are not the event for you.

Why are results and awards determined by gun time and not chip time?

Age group awards will be based on chip time. Overall awards will be based on gun time.

Although chip timing afforded run events to produce quick fast timing results, it was never intended to be the benchmark for finish order. Big D feels that this is a foot race against other human beings and not against a computer system. The first one back across the finish line is the winner. If your finish placement is important to you, we suggest you line up in the first twenty rows at the start.

Are there hotels within walking distance of the start/finish line?

No, the closest hotel is at least several miles away. You will need to drive to the Cotton Bowl. The Cotton Bowl is just 5 minutes from downtown Dallas so any downtown hotel can be selected. There is plenty of free parking within a block of our start/finish line at Fair Park and The Cotton Bowl.

I am coming to the Big D Texas Marathon from another city or state. Which packet pickup location should I choose if I don't want to wait until race morning?

Unless you are familiar with the city, or have someone local you are staying with, your best choice would be the Academy Sports + Outdoors Dallas.

Is there an expo at the Big D Texas Marathon?

We do not have an expo. We are primarily a marathon that attracts people within a 3 hour drive to Dallas. Expos are created to make more money for the marathon. However in doing so, it requires entrants to make a trip out of their way in a short time frame to get their packets and then no one can get their packets race day. By having no expo we have the freedom to have several packet pickup locations throughout the Dallas area and it also allows us to have pickup and registration race day at the event. For those coming in from other states, we would rather you visit and see all the great things that Big D has to offer. We don't want your memory of Dallas being a race expo

I noticed the start of the marathon is at 7:30 am and the half at 8 a.m. When would be best to arrive?

Read the directions info. Because many of you will never have ventured to Fair Park before, target your arrival time between 6:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. although there are many entrances open to the park this early on a Sunday morning, most people always line up in their cars at the first entrance and everyone falls in line causing a delay. Have a game plan for arrival. There is also a two-block walk from parking to the start/finish line and our host building. For those picking their packet up the morning of, please allow plenty of time

What if I arrive late? Can I start and run the course anyway?

Since the first several miles of the course may not be well marked, we cannot guarantee your ability to stay on course and receive police protection if you arrive and start late. We would not recommend starting more than several minutes after the start time.

Is it possible to drive the course?

It's not entirely drivable. Miles 4 through 8 are on the east side of White Rock Lake and this road is not open to thru traffic. The remainder of the course is drivable.

What happens if at some point of the marathon course I decide I cannot finish?

We will have vehicles on the course to pick up those that feel they must quit. Although they will be roving the course, it will help if you look out for police or volunteers manning the course so they can radio your need for help.

Is there medical help available on the course?

We will have medic bike teams roving the course to aid any medical needs. We also have 5 medical aid stations on the course. All police will have the ability to radio for ambulance assistance if needed.

What sports drink will you be serving and is it available at every water station?

Our sports drink is Gatorade and we will have it available at every water station.

Will there be port-o-lets on the course?

Port-o-let locations can be found by clicking here.

Is there a place for me to check extra clothing or baggage?

Yes we will have a secure bag check area in our post event main hall, which is 100 feet from the finish line. If you drive to the event, there is an abundance of parking within a block of the start/finish line.

Is there a charge for parking at the event?

We have free parking at Fair Park with plenty of spaces just a block or two from the event. There limited entrances to the park event morning so allow extra time to arrive. However, if you arrive after 8 a.m. there is a $10 fee to park at Fair Park.

Will photos be taken along the course and at the finish?

Yes, photography will be provided by Jerry Glover Photography

Once I register for the event, will I be sent instructions about the event?

Once you register, if you provide an email address, we will send a pre-race email providing you with all event week information and links you should need. We will not however send you frequent emails leading up to the event. We feel you get enough emails in your inbox without our contribution

If I sign up for the marathon and I later decide to switch and just run the half, is this possible?

You can switch to the shorter distances. However, there will be no refunds made allowing for the lesser fees of the shorter distances.

Is the course flat or hilly?

It has stretches that are flat with some hills and most difficulty coming between mile 12 and 20. This course has hills as do most marathons and half marathons in Texas. Please visit our map page as we have extensive details about our course. This will be the most beautiful marathon course you will ever run in a large city.

What types of running surfaces are on the course?

You will be running entirely on city streets with some asphalt and some concrete.

Can I run with a running stroller or with my dog?

That would be no. Neither will be allowed on the course of the half marathon and marathon.

What if I cannot attend and participate after entering?

There are no refunds. After the event if you will email the event, we will be happy to mail you your event shirt. However, if you take advantage of the Stuff Happens Program at registration, you can register another event at no cost.

Is this marathon a Boston qualifier?


Are there mile markers?

There will be mile markers at each mile in both races.

Want to track where your friend or family is on the course?

You can download the free app "Find my Friends" through the app store. If you want further information contact us at

Spectator Points:

If your family and friends wish to cheer you on along the course, we would recommend the following:

  • The corner of Winsted Rd and Garland Road at about the 3-mile mark. The Marathon and Half Marathon split at this point. You can see people from both events.
  • Winfrey Point- 5-Mile Point - Take Garland Road to Emerald Isle and take to house on top of road. You will see runners on the path nearby.
  • Mockingbird/Peavey Rd at Buckner Blvd - 9-Mile point of the course. Once the runners leave the lake at Mockingbird, you will be able to even drive next to them for two miles.
  • Again at this same point when marathoners return from running through the neighborhood. This would be at the 15.5-mile point.
  • Mockingbird and East Lawther - 17-mile mark.
  • Tokalon & Winsted - This the 20-mile point of the marathon and 7-mile point of the half marathon.
  • LaVista & Swiss Avenue - 21.6 mile of marathon and 8.6 of the half.
  • Elm St & Good Latimore - 24.4 miles of marathon and 11.6 of half.
  • Finish Line.


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