Tips for Prepping a Piano for a Long Distance Move

Tips for Prepping a Piano for a Long Distance Move

Pianos are a wonderful addition to any home. They provide beautiful music and a safe hobby to be enjoyed at home. Pianos are challenging pieces of furniture to move, however. If you find yourself moving a long distance with a piano in your possession, you could benefit from these tips on how to move your piano safely and effectively. You might want to reach out to professional piano movers to make sure your prized possession is safe, but if you’d rather take your chances, be sure to follow these piano moving tips.

Prepare Your HomeĀ For A Piano Move

Before you even begin to consider preparing your piano for a long distance move, it’s important for you to take a moment to closely examine your piano and determine the type of piano which you own. The weight, style, and shape of your piano will play a key role in how it is best moved out of your apartment and moved the long distance to your new home.

Spinet pianos are the smallest type of pianos that can be sat at and played normally. These pianos weigh between 300-600 pounds and tend to be compact, short, and long. Spinet pianos are the easiest pianos to move out of a home without requiring any disassembly. The help of four or five healthy people should be able to move the piano out of your home and into the moving truck with relative ease.

An upright piano is a step above a spinet piano. It is much taller than a spinet piano and tends to be wider as well. These pianos may require special removal from your home by use of a piano trolley. Lastly, the largest type of piano is the grand piano. Sporting a harp-shaped soundboard and a long keyboard, these pianos can easily weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds and will require special care and steps to be removed from your home such as disassembly.

Protecting The Finish of the Piano While Moving

Your piano has a delicate and expensive case with an equally delicate finish that has the potential to become damaged, scratched, or dulled during a long distance move. To protect the finish of your most cherished instrument, invest in large non-slip protective blankets. These blankets can be placed over your piano and tucked under the legs and edges to remain securely fastened to your piano. For further security, use latching cords to hold the edges of the covers together beneath the piano to prevent them from coming loose during the move. If you can afford it, hire a professional piano mover to professionally wrap your piano for the ultimate security and peace of mind.

Obtain Proper Piano Moving Equipment

Although you may be given the help of other people when moving your piano, it would be best for the physical health of all parties involved if you opted to move your piano with the assistance of durable moving equipment. Moving a piano will require a heavy-duty piano trolley that can support the immense weight of the instrument. Additionally, durable straps to hold the piano onto the dolly will also be highly beneficial.

Once you get the piano into the moving truckĀ place it at the very back of the truck against the wall of the cab. This is the most secure place for you piano because it will be kept in place by the other boxes and items.

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